Leaded Lights

Stained glass and leaded windows are a simply stunning decorative feature, adding colour, texture and style to any building. Our highly skilled craftsmen have created beautiful leaded lights for private houses, churches and colleges. We can bring to life your own bespoke designs, match an existing style or create a pattern to suit a particular architectural style or era. 

Leaded lights are usually made from 3mm clear sheet glass, but we also offer the option of handmade antique or patterned glass. We can also re-use or match colours and texture of existing glass. The leads are usually reinforced with steel cores, and can vary in width from 3/4 to 3/16 of an inch.

If required we can also encase a genuine leaded light inside a double glazed unit, which gives it extra protection and is thermally efficient.

Sonia Hands - Leaded Lights 4
Sonia Hands - Leaded Lights 3
Sonia Hands - Leaded Lights 2
Sonia Hands - Leaded Lights